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Stacie Tovar CrossFit Games

Ignite a Healthy, Wholehearted Life

Stacie Tovar is the owner of Big Omaha Fitness and founder of Go Far Nutrition, empowering thousands around the world to eat well, train hard, and enjoy life.


About Stacie

Coach Stacie inspires healthy lifestyles through her simple approach to fitness and nutrition.

A decorated CrossFit Games competitor and fierce athlete, Stacie is a champion of functional fitness and creator of the nutritional lifestyle. She’s also a hard-working, fun-loving wife and boy mom from Nebraska.

Stacie Tovar CrossFit Games Reebok
Stacie Tovar Nutritional Lifestyle
Stacie Tovar CrossFit Games Reebok

How to Connect with Coach Stacie

Stacie Tovar Nutritional Lifestyle

Go Far Nutrition

Ignite a healthy, wholehearted life with Coach Stacie’s nutritional lifestyle, workbook, and/or macro tracking plans. Looking for a lifestyle change? Wondering what you should be eating? Stacie has easy recipes and resources to fit your unique needs — plus a supportive community and tons of success stories.

Stacie Tovar Big Omaha Fitness Gym

Big Omaha Fitness

Looking for a local functional fitness gym? Want to drop in while you’re in Omaha? Home of CrossFit Omaha, Big Omaha Fitness offers dozens of group fitness classes, including CrossFit, bootcamp, HIIT, cardio, barbell, and more.

Stacie Tovar CrossFit Games

Credentials and Competition

Stacie found CrossFit in 2008 … and her life has never been the same! A former collegiate volleyball player, Stacie is no stranger to sweat and competition, including the CrossFit Games, CrossFit Team Series, as well as many other local, national, and international fitness contests.


  • 9X CrossFit Games Veteran

  • Group Fitness Instructor

  • BPE, Exercise Science

  • LifeBase Nutrition

  • CF Level 1, CF Level 2, CF Adaptive Training

  • 2nd Place - 2023 CrossFit Games (35-39)

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